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  • Service Agreement

    You agree to pay musicwell (us, your homies) the price listed above for the services checked above. We are very happy to be working with you and look forward to our continued collaboration!

    Terms of Payment

    All money is paid upfront before work will begin. You can pay by check, PayPal, or credit card through our website at

    Your Website Service Package

    In addition to any other requested services, our base $300 website package includes:

    • • consultation about your specific needs
    • • help with recruiting/organizing a media support team
    • • 5 page site (for example: home, services, portfolio, blog, contact)
    • • site menu organization and basic copy editing
    • • contact from
    • • media gallery
    • • responsive theme
    • • social media integration (buttons to your profile)
    • • email addresses
    • • 10 day turnaround
    • • 1 hour free Wordpress training and one follow-up session
    • • 1 month free tech support (Call in for help. Schedule up to four 1 hour support vouchers that need to be used within the first 30 days. Initial training included, this is up to 6 hours in total of free support.)
    • • 1 year free hosting (60.00/year thereafter)
    • • 2 years free website domain registration (15.00/year thereafter for most common TLDs, but some cost more to register such as .me, .se, .uk, .co)
    • • 1 revision after rough design approval, 8 hours of work to get you up and running, set design/feature goals for future (e.g. e-commerce solutions, photography and Photoshop, etc.)

    Email Services

    Email sent to your domain name is backed up on our server (unless you have your own mail server, or unless you’d prefer simple pass-through forwarding to your gmail etc). We provide the ‘roundcube’ webmail interface to directly access your email on our server from any web browser, and we can help you setup ‘IMAP’ with your email client on your iphone, ipad, apple mail, outlook, etc. If you prefer the yahoo, gmail, or hotmail interface, we can also set up seamless email forwarding and reply with your domain (but your email will not be backed up on our server in this case).

    Domain Registration and Transfer Services

    If you need to purchase a new domain, we will take care of the process through EasyDNS. As stated above, the first two years of registration are free (with the exception of “.me, .uk, .mobi, .co, .se etc”). If you have an existing domain, we will transfer your domain (free of charge) to EasyDNS.

    Domain transfer will not start until you approve the rough design for your home/landing page. Your rough design should be ready in about 5 days after we receive your materials. After that, the domain transfer will take about 5 days, so your emails (and other logistics) will be taken care of once the transfer is complete. In order to ease the transition, we’ll need your registrar login info to initiate the transfer and change your domain whois and contact info to In some rare cases, we might also place a temporary copy of your old website on our server so we can get you started with your new email before we make the switch to your new site.

    For private registration (to hide the ‘whois’ domain owner registration info), it’s an additional 5.00/year. Our standard DNS service is excellent, but for sites with higher hit counts and more global traffic, we’d recommend the ‘better’ (35/year), or ‘best’ (55/year) DNS options.

    When we all feel proud of your new site’s look/functionality and domain transfer is complete, we’ll point your domain to your new site! NOTE: It is your responsibility to cancel service with your existing hosting company.

    Tech Support Details

    For the first 30 days after site completion, we’ll show you how to update your website, add pages, photos, and text. We will provide a refresher course near the end of the month. If anything goes wrong, we’ll assist you in debugging the issue. You will also have 4 one hour support vouchers that you can “cash in” at any time within the first 30 days after site completion. Call or email to submit a voucher.

    After the first 30 days, you can purchase support vouchers at $25 per 30 minute session in which we will assist you over the phone or via Skype. Local in-person assistance is $100 for the first hour and $50 thereafter.

    To restate, our service is designed to be so affordable and so easy that we have not currently allocated the capacity to provide free ongoing support. But our paid support is also very affordable and very worthwhile. That said, if you have questions about anything at all, please do not hesitate to call and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Who knows, maybe we did something wrong ^_^

    Wordpress Hosting, Domain Registrar, and Media Hosting

    We’ve tried all sorts of hosts/registrars over the years for our personal sites and finally found our favorites! All the websites we design are built on Wordpress (Multisite), hosted on our media temple dv VPS, and edge cached with our CDN Bitgravity. All related domains are registered with us through EasyDNS with the client listed as the domain owner. Complete origin server snapshots are taken via mediatemple, with regular Wordpress backups via our local server.

    Pictures and sound files are nicely hosted on our server. Both should be properly compressed for the web using current and standard practices. We can help you learn how to properly prepare your files.

    We are not yet setup to handle direct video hosting since the sites we make are largely intended for demo, promo, portfolio, biographical purposes*. Ideally, we would like to backup a high quality copy of your videos for the future, and then upload your videos to our youtube channel. Having a single video hosting source will make it much easier for us to help you…not to mention increase your views and website traffic…not to mention gather a bunch of awesome material all in one place!

    If you choose to host your videos elsewhere besides youtube or on your own youtube channel, we’re flexible and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

    We do not support FTP for a number of reasons (not very stable, not great for large file transfer, not user friendly), but mainly because we plan to develop a peer-fueled torrent-style file transfer/storage platform. In the meantime, if you use FTP as an integral part of your daily business for shared storage, we’d recommend switching to dropbox pro. Or for simple one-time file transfers, try services such as wetransfer.

    We currently have your website total file size upload limit set to 500MB (with plugins and theme files etc it’s actually a bit larger). We are set up for quality over quantity. Currently, our largest site is using 80MB of their total available 500MB. We also have 500MB total set aside for your email storage (though this is not a hard limit), and will not be sufficient in the long term so we plan to allocate more space. For us, it’s 50/month for our 30GB website server, 50/month for our 30GB email server, and 200/month for our US/EU CDN for super speed (not including admin labor or backup/snapshot costs etc.). So for your future 5/month for hosting this is how we arrived at 60 users for 30GB.

    Supported website upload file formats are jpg jpeg png gif mp3 midi mid pdf xlsx doc docx html, and max individual file size upload is 2MB. If you would like to upload different or larger files, please let us know so we can try to accommodate your request.

    * Our in progress media membership/pay per view service is designed for sustainable media distribution/creation. In the meantime, we’ll help our clients get cookin with the EasyCart plugin and PayPal for shippable product sales. We won’t support media sales/distribution until our awesome service of that kind is ready to rock.

    Responsive Themes for Mobile Devices and Tablets

    We’re trying to put the most YOU into YOUR website. Responsive themes have built-in re-sizing to make your website functional on mobile devices without us needing to redo your site for multiple resolutions.

    We believe it’s better for your website to look great on a large computer monitor, and decent or passable on a tablet/phone (instead of just ok on everything, or instead of wasting labor on tweaking for lower resolutions). Resolutions of phones and tablets are always increasing, and if someone is really serious about checking out the details of your site, they’ll commit to a full resolution monitor. We do our best to choose a theme that is nicely responsive. But if a theme is too perfect for you at higher resolutions, and it only looks ok on mobile devices, we’ll go for it and take the temporary mobile hit. What’s most important on mobile devices? In our opinion, homepage and contact info…everything else is bonus, and we usually tack on that extra bonus.


    Your site will be SEO friendly. For a number of reasons, we do not do active SEO, a service that can easily run 1k/month. If you’d like this service, we can refer you to some great SEO people, such as Patty at

    Wordpress Plugin Installation

    Please double check with us if you’d like to install additional Wordpress plugins. This is a semi-advanced operation and usually not needed except for major site functionality additions. Giving us a call first will create a very productive dialog and help insure that your new requirements and your site are ideally and safely realized.

    In order to insure stability, we have the Plugin menu item disabled on your end. We can research and install plugins for you at our very affordable support rate. Even if you or your wizard friend is more than capable, we’d still like to have a quick chat with them to make sure the desired plugin will play nicely with your site and server ;)

    Uptime Guarantee

    We do not yet have a specific uptime guarantee. However, our dns and hosting providers have amazing top top notch uptime guarantees. Before long, we plan to have a local development server that is separate from our hosted production server. In the meantime, we have your email and your website hosted on two separate servers for increased simplicity and hence a sort of robust separated redundancy. We also leverage meticulous backups and careful plugin screening to ensure maximum reliability and uptime.

    Software Guarantee

    One day, we will no longer use the word ‘computer’. Like buildings, websites have a lifespan. We do our utmost to provide you with plugins and a website that is extremely stable yet has extremely current coding. With Wordpress, the code your site is built on is always being updated by the theme author! All these factors (and more) provide for maximum website relevancy and lifespan.

    Terminating Service

    If for whatever reason our collaboration is not working out in any way…tell us ASAP so we can try to make it right!!!

    If you would like to discontinue using our service and would like your old site back after your new site has been launched and within the first 30 days thereafter, you’ll receive a 50% refund. We’ll help you transfer your domain back to your original server and make sure it is pointing to your old website. Your old website functionality/files are however not our responsibility.

    If you like your new site but our further collaboration and service is not working out for you, you’ll receive a 50% refund within the first 30 days after site completion. We’ll also help you transfer your new site and domain to your Wordpress compatible alternative server. If you do not get us the correct login info for your Wordpress compatible alternative server within the 30 days, we will simply get you your website files, unlock your domain name, and get you the domain transfer code. Additionally, we will deliver to you any of your domain related email that is backed up on our server.

    If for whatever reason you would like to cancel our services before the site has been finished (usually within 10 days after we receive media/materials), we will get you a 100% refund and all of your non-Wordpress materials. We will also make sure that your domain(s) are safely transferred back to your former registrar if transfer has begun. While your old site is not our responsibility, it will re-enable when your domain has completed its transfer back to your former host/registrar and the original name servers are entered.

    If you would like to move your site and domains to another host after the 30 days has passed, you will not receive a refund. We will get you your website files, domain related email, unlock your domain, and get you the transfer code. We cannot however help you install your site on your alternative server, but we will try to recommend a service for this task.

    As initially stated, please speak with us early and often about misgivings, bad feelings, or anything about our service that does not sit right with you so we can try to make it right!


    If there is anything here that you do not understand or agree with, please speak with us so we can answer your questions and make sure you’re totally comfortable with our process before we begin.

    Check the Box!

    By checking the box below, you acknowledge having read, understood, and whole-heartedly accepted our service agreement in full!

    We are very happy to be working with you and look forward to our continued collaboration!

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